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Like a Moscow Mule in a bottle without the sugar! All of the fresh lime zest that you are looking for, and the gentle bite of ginger. This vodka in infused naturally to capture the freshest flavors.

Vodka with the Sour Dill Pickle Punch! Easily one of the most unique vodkas that you will ever taste! Every dill pickle lover will be sure to love this vodka. We start with our Corn Vodka, and infuse premium Dill Pickle Spears into it.

The Taste of Summer Strawberries in a Bottle! This vodka is the perfect fruity addition to any sweeter cocktails! We start with our corn vodka, add strawberries that were picked at their peak, and infuse them in small batches.

This vodka has been a fan favorite since the beginning! An instant classic for any vodka fan that enjoys a little bit of heat. The sweet tones from the golden pineapple are a perfect match for the subtle heat of fresno chili.


Spring Gin was produced with the intention of capturing the blooming of Spring flowers. This gin is incredibly light and approachable.

Distilled to capture the bright fresh flavors of the season. Distill with cucumber, basil and honeydew! This gin is fresh and a bit fruity with  great botanical and citrus qualities. 

While this gin is on the higher proof side (47% 94 proof) it is still an easy drinking, approachable gin. The perfect gin to use in making cocktails such as a White Linen, Gin Fizz, or just a classic gin and tonic.

Winter Gin was produced with the inspiration from pie spices used in holiday baking. Try this in a Negroni or a Gin Old Fashioned with a splash of cider.

*Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Gin are available seasonally.


Sacramento is a CoffeeTown! Midtown Spirits knew they had to make a Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur that would stand up to the harshest critique. We are proud of this blast of Caffeine in a bottle, with balanced notes of Dark Brown Sugar and Vanilla.


100% Corn Vodka. This super clean vodka is a classic choice for mixing in any cocktail. It is Distilled in house, and is naturally Gluten-Free. This is the Vodka that Midtown Spirits uses for all of its in-house infusions, and is a great choice for home infusions of all kinds!

* Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Classic 100% Corn Vodka are available in Southern California only.

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