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Within the realm of New World Gins, Apóstoles differs
greatly from the classic winter favors of London Dry.
We present a nuanced profle that is more tropical and
indigenous to the Southern Hemisphere incorporating our
Argentine botanicals such as Yerba Mate, Pink Grapefruit,

Peppermint and Eucalyptus.

Distilled in 200 liters batches in a German
copper still, Apostoles is as craft as it gets.
We macerate each botanical separately in
a wheat alcohol base. The fresh leaves of
Yerba Mate, Eucalyptus and Pink
Grapefruit skins are macerated for 24 hours
in stainless steel containers. Same for the
Juniper and Coriander. The peppermint is
macerated only for 2 hours. We then blend
all the macerations and distill the blend.
The result of the distillation is bottled and

numbered by batch.

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